Fishbone's Lead Singer Has His Own Freestyle Message for Donald Trump

Angelo Moore is best known for his work as lead singer and saxophonist for the alternative rock band, Fishbone. Moore grew up in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, where he attended Hale Junior High School and met the other original members of the band. Together, Moore and the remaining members of Fishbone picked up on the hard-rock favorites of their schoolmates, which they turned into their unique rock and funk sound. Then, as the band became more business and serious, they incorporated more of their own personal messages into the lyrics of their songs, “The political stuff came from being aware of our surroundings… We tried to take our thing, our politics, and put it with humor, make it funny so people would listen. And it was wrong. You try it that way, and it just cheapens everything you're trying to say. So we went back to the real shit."

So now, Moore is taking all the humor aside to sit down and share his political thoughts with Civilized. When asked about Donald Trump, Moore responded, “Trump. That’s like having the Joker for the president. Except you can’t turn the channel now, you can’t walk out the movie and s**t. Motherf***er is there, everyday. And the joke is on us.”


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