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The First Ever California Cannabis Awards Are Aiming to Be the 'Oscars of Weed'

When California finally legalized recreational marijuana in January of this year, everyone knew the industry was about to transform. And to honor that transformation, a new awards show is on its way to honor the industry.

The first ever California Cannabis Awards will premiere next Friday at The Novo, a club located in LA Live in downtown Los Angeles. The awards show will feature 10 different categories to celebrate the businesses and individuals who are making a difference in the state's newly legal industry.

But this isn't just some stuffy industry awards show. WebJoint, the company putting on the show, are looking to make this an entertaining production for both people in the industry as well as people who are just fans of cannabis. The award show will feature a performance by rapper Berner as well as other classic awards show entertainment. Some have even referred to the award show as the "Oscars of Weed."

"We are going to have a machine up on the stage that does 450 joints in two minutes," says Alice Moon, an influencer, writer and entrepreneur in the cannabis industry who is also serving as one of the California Cannabis Award's co-hosts. "We're also going to have a two-minute movie preview for a movie about a girl with epilepsy and her struggles, just to bring the activism side to the show. And we want to remind everyone that cannabis is a medicine."

Alice Moon WOW

(Alice Moon)

While the night may be dedicated to cannabis, it won't be a marijuana free-for-all. Moon says they initially wanted to put a joint under every seat in the Novo, but the venue didn't approve. But that doesn't mean there won't be other perks to enjoy. VIP attendees can enjoy a Wolfgang Puck buffet before the show as well as an awards show afterparty at the Novo featuring free drinks. 

And don't worry, you won't have to sit through the same lame Jeff Sessions jokes you've heard on late-night television all year.

"I haven't prepared any Jeff Sessions jokes," says Sam Zartoshty, a cannabis entrepreneur who is serving as the other co-host for the California Cannabis Awards. "I think they're a little played out. Every joke since Donald Trump was elected is about him or Sessions. It's not good energy in my opinion."

CCA Logo4

If you're interested in more information about the California Cannabis Awards, check out their website. In fact, you can even vote on the nominees on there as well.

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