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Fired Texas Baseball Coach Who Sent Anti-Marijuana Email Speaks Out Against Cannabis

Last week, we wrote about former Texas Wesleyan University baseball coach Mike Jeffcoat, who was fired from his position after sending this email to a Colorado-based prospect:

Now, the Star-Telegram has published an interview with Jeffcoat, where the coach tries to allay the damage from his sudden viral fame. He now says “it was a dumb email”:

I shouldn’t have sent it. I probably sent that out of frustration from over the years of losing people to drug tests…Probably out of frustration out of losing players in the past, I said something I shouldn’t have said.

When asked if there was a policy requiring emails like the one he sent, Jeffcoat said it “wasn’t chiseled in stone”:

We are always looking for quality character young men, whether that’s from a state that has legalized it, or from state’s where it’s still illegal.

Calling himself “a big opponent of the legalization of marijuana”, Jeffcoat assures the interviewer that he has actually had some support from parents over his email:

I’ve also got a lot of positive feedback from this. I’ve had several parents, some I know, some I don’t know from other states who have applauded me for standing up.

Right. Well, for the time being, Jeffcoat is in the market for another job. Even if you are against the legalization of marijuana, it’s a bad look to toss someone out of consideration just because of where they’re from. Not everyone from a legal state uses cannabis! And even if they do, it has nothing to do with their actual character. Maybe Mr. Jeffcoat can use his time away from work to visit Colorado and see how things actually work.


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