Jurassic World” follows a similar plot line as all Jurassic films, in which humans invest in recreating dinosaurs, but something wrong with the security system allows the most dangerous creature, the Indominus rex to escape. According to the I rex’s creator Dr. Henry Wu, the dinosaur has the ability to alter its body heat and camouflage, but it’s scientifically impossible to use both abilities simultaneously. This is why one film theory claims that an insider is responsible for the monster’s escape.

During the film, the Indominus altered its heat signature so it was no longer detected on the security system, making everyone believe that it escaped. The I rex also wasn’t visible, which would mean it was also camouflaged, but that wasn’t scientifically possible, so someone had to have tampered with the security videos. Some believe the Head of Security, Vic Hoskins is responsible because he finally gets the raptor field test he’s been asking for when the Indominus escapes. Hoskins is just as surprised as everybody else when the dinosaur escapes, so all eyes point to Dr. Henry Wu as the film’s secret villain. Wu’s scientific research is struggling because he needs investors, so he has ulterior motives that helps secure his future research, proving that mankind is the scariest monster in “Jurassic World”.