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10 Fictional Drugs That We'd Want to Try

Usually in movies and TV shows, drug use leads to depraved or violent behavior that the viewer is supposed to be horrified by. But sometimes the drugs used in pop culture look like a lot of fun and make us wish they were real.

Here are 10 fictional drugs we’d want to try in real-life.

10. V – True Blood

Ok, technically V isn’t actually a drug, it’s just vampire blood. But when people consume it, it basically heightens all of their senses and increases your perception. It’s like if LSD and ecstasy had a child with a little Viagra thrown in, because it is HBO after all.

9. Ephemerol – Scanners

Ephemerol isn’t great if you’re an adult, because it’s basically just a tranquilizer and morning sickness cure that has the side effect of suppressing any possible telepathic or telekinetic abilities. But, if you use the drug and have kids, there’s a pretty good chance your child will have telepathic and telekinetic abilities, which would be pretty sweet.

8. Slo-Mo – Dredd

Dredd is a drug that slows down your perception of reality to one percent of normal speed. So you’d basically live life in extreme slow-motion. Sounds like it would be pretty fun to try at least once, but probably not fun if you keep going back.

7. NZT-48 – Limitless

Yes, technically the whole plot of Limitless revolves around how terrible using this drug is. But, it would be pretty sweet to basically transform yourself into a genius overnight. You just need to think of one great idea to make yourself a billionaire, and then you stop using it!

6. Dropper – Looper

Apparently in the future we’re too lazy to swallow ecstasy pills to get high. Instead we’ll all take an eye drop of Dropper and we’ll forget all the negative aspects of our life while also getting super, super happy. Doesn’t sound so bad.

5. Comanapracil – 30 Rock

“May cause drowsiness, sexual nightmares and sleep crime.”

4. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

In the book, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is described as the greatest alcoholic drink in the universe. It’s effects are described as “like having your brains smashed out by a slice of leon wrapped round a large gold brick.”

3. Plasmids – Bioshock

In the Bioshock video games, plasmids are basically elixirs you drink that alter your DNA and give you supernatural powers such as levitating objects or shooting fire. We’d recommend you don’t mix this with other drugs.

2. Chemical X – The Powerpuff Girls

This mysterious liquid gave three little girls incredible superpowers and turned a freaking monkey into an evil villain with enhanced intelligence. Can you imagine what it would do for a normal adult person?

1. Milk of the Poppy – Game of Thrones

Milk of the Poppy seems like a not-so-veiled fictional version of opium that can help people sleep or relieve their pain. While that seems dangerous, it seems like they pretty willingly give Milk of the Poppy to children on the show and they never seem to really exhibit any negative effects, so it’s probably even safer for adults.


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