Fewer And Fewer Cannabis Crimes Are Being Reported To Police In Canada: Report

Fewer and fewer cannabis-related offenses are being reported to police in Canada, new statistics show. In fact, last year marked the fifth in a row that such reports went down.

According to Statistics Canada, roughly 55,000 cannabis-related offenses were reported to police in 2016 – about 6,000 fewer than reported the year before. This is despite the fact that the overall number of Canadians who consume cannabis has gone up.

Statistics Canada also reveals that the number of people charged with possession of cannabis went down to 17,733 last year – about 3,600 fewer than in 2015. 

Concurrently, while the national crime rate didn’t change last year, there was a slight rise in the severity of crimes.

The stats agency said the one percent increase in its crime severity index was mostly driven by a continual rise in the rate of police-reported fraud. However, there was also an increase in the rate of certain violent crimes, including sexual violations against children.  

There were almost 1.9 million Criminal Code incidents reported by police in 2016, according to Statistics Canada – roughly 27,700 more than there were in 2015.

h/t CTV News 


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