The FDA Wants to Know People's Opinions on Medical Marijuana

Many traditionally anti-marijuana institutions are beginning to change their opinions on cannabis. Whether it's the NFL or veterans' groups, the increasing acceptance of marijuana has forced these organization to re-think their policies. And perhaps in the near future, you can add the Food and Drug Administration to that list.

The FDA announced that they're collecting comments from the public regarding Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the active cannabinoids in cannabis, along with several other substances. According to their statement, they want "interested persons to submit comments concerning abuse potential, actual abuse, medical usefulness, trafficking, and impact of scheduling changes on availability for medical use of 17 drug substances." 

However, the FDA is not collecting the information as part of any re-consideration of its legal status. Rather, the World Health Organization is studying various substances and considering recommending restrictions be put on them, and CBD happens to be on the list. 

But, if the vast majority of comments are in support of CBD and its benefits, the FDA would need to present that information to the WHO, which could recommend loosening restrictions on it. Also, a federal agency receiving substantial evidence about the medical benefits of cannabis would also further shine a light on the ridiculousness of marijuana's illegal status.

If you would like to add your support to CBD into the FDA's records, you can go over to their website and make a public comment before the September 13th deadline. 


Marijuana reform is coming to the US Virgin Islands as well as Trinidad and Tobago after both groups of Caribbean islands changed their cannabis laws recently. US Virgin IslandsThis week, the US Virgin Islands' newly elected governor Albert Bryan Jr. (D) signed a bill legalizing medical marijuana in the US territory. The legalization movement has been steadily growing in the Virgin Islands since 2014 when voters approved a referendum in favor of legalizing the substance.

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