If you have an internet connection and a social media profile, you’ve heard about the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to kill the Net Neutrality rules it put in place under Barack Obama.

If you’re curious to see how bad this decision could make Americans’ internet access, check out how internet packages work in Portugal. It ain’t pretty.

Now, in a move seemingly designed to counteract all the bad publicity he’s recieved, conservative content farm The Daily Caller has created a cutesy video featuring FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. To defend his ‘plan to restore internet freedom’ (oh shut up), he goes on to explain things you will still be able to do on the internet. It’s cringe-inducing. Fidget spinners and the Harlem Shake are involved. See how far you get:

If it’s any consolation, Baauer (the artist behind the ‘Harlem Shake’ song), was NOT happy about his song being used, and tweeted the following: