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Rad Dad: Your Perfect Father's Day Gift Guide

Your dad is, in all likelihood, the worst person ever to buy for.

He's already bought most of the stuff he legitimately needs. He's sufficiently set in his ways that any new, untested item is viewed with suspicion. Also, he's probably just going to feel weird if you get him anything obviously budget-busting, which makes Father's Day a gift-giving minefield.

With June 19th just around the corner, we've assembled some handy gift categories to help you find the sweet spot between super-practicality, and showing your massive appreciation for dear ol' dad.

1. Grooming

The Remington Vacuum 5 in 1 is such a great idea we wonder why it hasn't been done to death: in addition to five attachments to cover all your beard and dad-'stache-care needs, three vacuum attachment heads suck away trimmed hairs, keeping your sink mess-free. (Your mom will thank you.) If you can't picture dad getting high-tech with his grooming, a fancy shaving kit from Art of Shaving might be more to his taste - or, failing that, a gift certificate for the classic barber shop he's been frequenting for decades.

2. Great booze

A bottle of Jack Daniel's will cut it for some, but if you want to take things to the next level, there's Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila for the true booze connoisseur: unlike the bargain basement Jose Cuervo, it's dark amber in colour with a complex flavour profile including notes of rose petal, vanilla and citrus with a sweet cocoa-like finish. Not, in other words, for shooting with salt and lime. For more traditional dads: the Glenmorangie Extremely Rare 18 Years Old is a killer, classic single malt. For the do-it-yourself dad, the West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit offers the sweet, boozy payoff of a home-brewed hard work.

3. Tickets

He won't buy them for himself, after all - and dropping a couple thousand dollars on season tickets for the New York Giants (or the team of his choice) could be a great way to make up for that time in tenth grade when you borrowed the car without asking and rolled it onto the neighbour's lawn. For those less-inclined, or able, to break the bank, two tickets to a comedy show you'd both dig is both thoughtful and fun. Tickets are the perfect choice for a parent who's already buried in stuff: time to stock up on some good memories.

4. Coziness

Given that most dads have serious, deeply-entrenched issues with anybody who dares to touch the thermostat, it stands to reason that they love cozy things. A lightweight Frank & Oak crewneck in a classic, solid colour has the warmth of a chunky knit sweater coupled with a slimmer silhouette that's perfect for showing off the dad bod (sorry). If your pa's more of a homebody, shearling slippers are an instant classic.

5. Timepiece

For the punctuality-obsessed dad, a watch is the perfect marriage of form and function. Best Buy is advertising Apple watches on sale through June 18th for as much as $100 off: the sport model will set you back $249, down from the regular $299. Conversely, you can always get flashy as hell with a Rolex - from a 1930s gold pocket watch to a 2000s steel and yellow gold Daytona, depending on your budget.


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