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Fans of 'Us' and 'Get Out' Have Cannabis to Thank, According to Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele is having a moment right now. The performer, writer and director recently released his second horror film 'Us' to rave reviews and huge box office returns, and a new revival of 'The Twilight Zone' produced and hosted by Peele premiers this week.

According to a number of recent interviews, Peele credits cannabis with much of his success.

Peele has used marijuana to help fuel his creativity ever since his early days in improv, and then on 'Key and Peele', the hit sketch show on Comedy Central he hosted with Keegan-Michael Key. While working on that show, he told Vulture in 2013 that he would credit his strangest ideas to "Mr. Weed," who he called an "amazing writer".

During this time, which he termed his "stoner days" in a recent Rolling Stone article, the director brainstormed enough ideas to last him for a “good chunk” of his career.

"Thanks high me!” he said.

Peele echoed these sentiments during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in which he explains that his decision to move into producing and writing over performing first came about after 'MadTV' wouldn’t let him out of his contract for a shot at 'SNL' – which had been a dream of his.

According to Peele, he "locked himself in a room and started smoking a lot of weed, plotting his revenge." He decided that he would try and be not just a performer, but a major producer, giving himself seven to eight years to accomplish that goal. One of the early projects he undertook to achieve that goal was developing 'Get Out'.

He recounted the writing process for the film on the red carpet of the American Film Critics Association Awards gala.

"I’d go home, smoke a little bit of weed and I would write. I would watch this movie in my head, this movie that I wish somebody would write for me to watch and that was it."

He still consumes, too. When it came to the recently-released 'Us', Peele said that he did continue to smoke weed throughout the writing process, but admitted that it was "less, way less".


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