We Love These Weed Quotes From Productive Cannabis Consumers

Cannabis users have had to deal with the stigma of being "lazy" or "unproductive" for the last century. And while people have winked and nodded at their devotion to cannabis - think of Bill Maher’s weekly innuendos on HBO and Sarah Silverman vaping down the red carpet - more and more productive and successful people are coming out of the cannabis closet. Some you may know, others you may not.  Join us in embracing profound words, both old and new, from notable people in the arts, science, politics, and more.

Famous Weedables is sustainably sourced from cannabis love, and hand picked from only the most insightful and super cool people from all walks of fame, giving us a closer look into another side of these icons' life and work. We live in a brave new world where prohibition is (almost) over and we want to share a magical, very real part of that with you.


Former Donald Trump supporter and country singer Kraig Moss once counted himself among the president’s biggest supporters - until he felt "betrayed" by Trump's stance on drug policy. Throughout the 2016 election campaign, Moss could often be seen singing candidate Trump’s praises – literally. He would host impromptu concerts on the streets of Owego, New York, and produced a number of independently released CDs of songs supporting the future president.

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