5 Facts About How Cannabis Was Used By the Vikings

Although cannabis is a fairly new industry, it has been used in cultures across the world for thousands of years. Ancient Egypt used marijuana for its medicinal properties to relieve pain and for cultural purposes, seen in the remains of several mummies with traces of cannabis. In Medieval Times, though frequently used in their culture, many physicians warned of consuming cannabis excessively, which they believed could result in sterility and other harmful conditions. Though very different cultures, they used cannabis for similar purposes. The Vikings are another very different culture that cultivated cannabis for a number of uses.

Some believe that the Vikings used cannabis solely for making textiles and ropes. The Viking culture relied heavily on their ships, which needed a strong material to keep afloat. Hemp was that strong material, with fibers sturdy enough to support their sails. Contrary to this belief, some also found that the Vikings used cannabis for a number of other reasons including to relieve pain for toothaches and women during childbirth. Women also arguably smoked cannabis to promote childbirth during fertility rituals. Also, even though not necessarily used in their religion, many German tribes worshipped the same gods as Vikings while using cannabis.  


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