Facebook Is Restricting Marijuana Businesses' Ability to Promote Themselves on Social Media

In the 21st century, most small businesses need social media in order to promote themselves and stay afloat. But if you're a cannabis company, you should probably avoid spending any resources on your Facebook account.

Many in the cannabis industry say Facebook is highly restrictive towards marijuana-themed content. Since the drug is still illegal at the federal level, the site views it as illicit content. They therefore use their algorithms to flag anything related to cannabis and hide it from people's timelines. Facebook also owns Instagram, and there have been many instances of cannabis-related accounts being shut down on that site as well.

Other social media websites, such as Twitter or Snapchat, are more open to cannabis and don't filter out references to the drug at nearly the extent that Facebook does. 

There are ways to get around the marijuana blocks. Sticking to educational content as opposed to joke-y posts are safer. And you can also avoid using certain words that could possibly be flagged. This includes weed, ganja, pot and even marijuana or cannabis. Of course, that can be pretty difficult for a marijuana company to not use the words marijuana or cannabis, but that's where creativity comes in.

But it's possible Facebook will have to relent eventually. If the cannabis industry continues growing and generating as much money as people expect it to, the website will be losing out on tons of dollars in revenue by refusing to work with the industry.

So the next time you see something marijuana-related on Facebook, give it a thumbs up to send them a message.

(h/t Westword)


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