EZ Pipe Might Be The Ultimate Device For Traditionalists Who Prefer A Pipe

Though other modes may be preferred, many long term marijuana smokers rely on the tried and true pipe method of imbibing. It’s easy, it’s effective, and it’s quick — it doesn’t require as much grinding of your product, and there’s no roll time required. You just pack the bowl, light and inhale. 

Well, but for two factors. One, if this is your go-to method, it requires walking around with a pocket or bag full of paraphernalia: the pipe, the weed, a lighter, maybe some screens and a poke. And two, It’s probably going to be smelly and/or clanky, and therefore not the most discrete. Also, for some people, the continued downward cranking of the wrist that’s required to light a pipe can build up over time to the point that it causes wrist pain.

You can now get your hands on a compact little device that rolls all of this into one solution. It’s called the EZ Lite Pipe, and it’s a lighter and pipe that are attached. It’s about the size of two lighters tied together.

Not only is this contraption conveniently-sized; it also purportedly has many other benefits. The bowl is enclosed, so as soon as you stop lighting it, the weed stops burning, which will conserve your bud. The same feature also prevents one major disappointment of pipe smoking — getting attacked by the wind. The company that makes it claims it releases less smoke than other pipes, and it even includes a mini poke attachment.

We haven’t actually tried EZ Pipe, but we’re not saying it’s a bad idea, either.

It’s available online and will cost you between $15 and $20 USD.


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