Experts Say Marijuana Could Become Decriminalized If Democrats Take Control of Congress

Many politicians have come out in recent months to support marijuana legalization for the first time. So how close are we to actual legalization at the federal level? Well according to some experts, we may not be far off.

Politico Magazine recently ran a feature about legal marijuana's prospects on Capitol Hill. Many experts interviewed in the article said they believe that marijuana legalization bills will succeed if Democrats are able to take control of Congress in the 2018 elections.

For instance, Democratic congressman Earl Blumenauer, one of the most pro-cannabis politicians in the country, said he believes that pro-marijuana bills would have enough votes to pass Congress right now but Republican leadership is preventing them from reaching the floor. But if Democrats win in 2018, they'd control committee chairs and would be able to more easily get those votes. And considering many Republicans also support legalization, it's likely those bills would pass.

Of course, those bills would still need to be signed by President Donald Trump, who Politico notes has presented mixed signals on the issue. On the campaign trail, he seemed to support states making their own cannabis laws and even support medical marijuana. But in office, he's remained largely silent on the issue and appointed one of the nation's most notorious anti-cannabis crusaders, Jeff Sessions, as his Attorney General.

So it's possible that even if Democrats take control of Congress this year, we still may not see much movement on the issue until a Democrat also sits in the Oval Office.

If only Democrats had come to their senses four years ago!

(h/t Politico)


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