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In New Interview, Expert Says It's Unlikely Trump Administration Will Crack Down on Marijuana

We're less than a year in to the Trump administration, and it's still unclear how the White House will tackle states with legalized marijuana. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other officials have made many ominous threats against those states, but nothing has really changed when it comes to policy. So what should we expect going forward? According to one expert, not much.

John Hudak is an expert on marijuana policy for the Brookings Institution, a non-partisan Washington think tank. In a recent interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Hudak was asked about the possibility that the Trump administration will initiate a crackdown on legal marijuana. He said he doesn't expect it to happen. 

"With every month that goes by, it's another month that businesses aren't cracked down on," Hudak said. "So that, I think, is optimistic for the marijuana industry."

Hudak also said that although Sessions' comments about the marijuana industry have been threatening and ominous, the fact that he's not changed the Department of Justice's policies towards the drug or initiated any action yet indicates that he understands his views may not be popular amongst the people.

"The attorney general certainly has the authority to start a pretty significant crackdown in recreational states, and (the fact) he hasn't done that suggests he is serious about thinking through his policy options," Hudak said. " I think he's at least recognizing that his first intuition, which is to crack down, is not necessarily the best idea for him."

Hudak reiterated that this doesn't mean that a crackdown won't happen. But that whatever actions Sessions and the DOJ take against marijuana will not be too drastic to completely change the industry.

(h/t Las Vegas Sun)


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