Everything You Need to Know about Dab Rigs

When you think of a dab rig, a glass device and a blow torch might come to mind — however, as Willy Christie, a wellness consultant at the Pottery dispensary in Los Angeles, explains, dab rigs are much more diverse than you may have thought. Essentially a "water pipe for concentrates," dab rigs offer a cleaner, smokeless high. As you might expect, the traditional dab rig features a glass nail (for the dab), a percolation area where the vapor can cool down, and a mouth piece. Generally, dab rigs are made from glass, though if you're looking for something more portable or durable, you may want to try one made from silicone. Of course, you'll need to use a torch to heat it up — that is, unless, you opt for an e-rig. Electronic dab rigs like the Puffco Peak or the Dr. Dabber Switch heat up electronically, and hence it's easier to control the temperature. Unlike a traditional dab rig, and electronic also doesn't require butane to heat up and can be used with both concentrates and flower. Lastly, there are the artfully designed rigs — like with artful glass pipes, these rigs look like other objects and are masterpieces unto themselves.


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