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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Massachusetts New Marijuana Laws

Last week, Massachusetts' officials approved the final regulations that will govern the recreational marijuana industry when it becomes legal in July. And while many of these rules revolved around producers and what they need to know, here's what Massachusetts consumers need to know as well.

1. Marijuana Sales Should Begin July 1st

This isn't 100 percent set in stone. The Massachusetts Cannabis Commission will begin reviewing applications for recreational dispensaries on April 1st, and will have 90 days to act on them. Ideally, they'll make their decision in less than 90 days, which will allow sales to begin on July 1st. 

2. There Will Be a 17 Percent Sales Tax on Recreational Marijuana

The Massachusetts sales tax on cannabis purchases starting in July will be 17 percent. Local governments will also be allowed to add on an additional three percent as well.

3. You Can Have Up to 10 Ounces at a Time

The limit for how much marijuana you can have at your home will be 10 ounces. If you're in public, that limit is only one ounce. If you have any marijuana in your car, it must be hidden out of sight. 

4. You Can Grow Six Marijuana Plants at Your Own Home

Any cannabis you harvest from your own plants will not count towards the 10 ounces you're allowed to possess in your home. If there's more than one adult living in your residence, then you're allowed 12 marijuana plants.

5. Nothing Revolutionary

Besides that, there's nothing too unusual with Massachusetts laws. There's no marijuana delivery as of now, and there's no social consumption either. 

So just follow the rules and you'll be good.

(h/t Boston Globe)


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