'Happy Happy Joy Joy': Nickelodeon Taps Into 90s Nostalgia

Nickelodeon network is launching a totally 90s-centric 8-hour programming block called The Splat! on TeenNick. Beginning Oct. 5, from 9 pm-5 am, you can catch all your old favourites dating back to Ye Olde Tymes, before the dawn of the internet.

Do you miss Ren and Stimpy?


What about The Secret World of Alex Mack?

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Nickelodeon's plans to satisfy your inner '90's kid also include Clarissa Explains It All, Hey, Arnold!, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Rocko's Modern Life.

Here's the trailer:


Hiding behind big sunglasses, I slunk to my car and started the engine. The bag containing a month’s worth of flower and edibles that I had just bought at Weedology, a legal dispensary in Ontario, Oregon was stuffed hastily into my bag; I dared not unseal it to survey the goods. Though my heart was pounding, I forced myself to cut a slow track out of the parking lot.

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