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Here Is Every Simpsons Character Voiced By Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer of The Simpsons is practically a modern day Mel Blanc - the actor who voiced almost all of the Looney Tunes character for decades. Shearer - who turns 73 today - doesn't read lines for every resident of Springfield, but he does portray an astounding number of characters on the longest running American sitcom.  In case you missed The Simpsons marathon this year...

Here's the complete list of his regular and recurring characters.

1. Ned Flanders

Funnily enough, Shearer doesn't portray any of the Simpsons' immediate family. But he does voice their dorky (yet allegedly sexy) neighbor-eeno Ned Flanders.

2. Charles Montgomery Burns

Springfield's maniacal nuclear tycoon.


3. Waylon Smithers

Mr. Burns' assistant and unrequited lover. This means conversations between the two of them are really just Shearer talking to himself.

4. Lenny Leonard

Homer's co-worker at the nuclear plant, who speaks for all of us when it comes to debating Star Wars movies. 

5. Seymour Skinner

The principal of Springfield Elementary, who is also the city's biggest mama's boy.

6. Harlan Dondelinger

The principal of Springfield High, who knows how to rally school spirit.

7. Dr. Julius Hibbert

Springfield's top family doctor. 

8. Kent Brockman

The calm and rational anchor of Channel 6 News.  

9. Scratchy

The psychotic cat that plays opposite to Dan Castellaneta's maniacal mouse.

10. Eddie

Springfield's finest prefers to dance more than talk, but when Eddie does speak, Shearer provides the voice.

Eddie dancing

11. Otto Man

Springfield's biggest stoner.

12. Reverend Lovejoy

Defender of Springfield's unique religious holiday.

13. Rainier Wolfcastle

Star of the Schwarzenegger-esque "McBain" movies.

14. Jasper Beardly

Abraham Simpson's elderly friend, who once predicted the future of American culture.

15. Dewey Largo

Lisa's mild-mannered music teacher.

16. Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon

Apu's sidekick at the Kwik-E-Mart.

17. Dr. Marvin Monroe

Springfield's worst psychiatrist. 

18. Jebediah Springfield

The nefarious founder of the Simpsons' hometown.

19. Herman Hermann

The ringleader of Springfield's counterfeit jeans racket.

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h/t Simpsons Wiki.

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