The Very Best Celebrity Cameos From Adam West's 'Batman'

The 1960s Batman TV series - which turned 50 this year - was only on air for 3 seasons. But in that short time, producers churned out 120 episodes featuring Adam West's bizarre gadgets (Batzooka, anyone?), Burt Ward's strange exclamations (including "Holy happenstance, Batman!") and a ton of celebrity cameos, including stars like Sammy Davis, Jr. and Bruce Lee.

In honor of Batman's half-century milestone, here are the show's very best celebrity guest spots, broken down into two groups. Window Cameos (WC), when celebs chatted with Batman and Robin while they scaled buildings. And Villain Cameos (VC) featuring famous faces playing one-off villains instead of recurring crooks like Catwoman and the Joker.

1. Jerry Lewis, WC

Screen Shot 2016 12 30 at 10.39.31 AM

The legendary comedian stole Robin's bit by shouting "Holy human flies!" when he caught Batman and the Boy Wonder scaling his apartment.

2. Art Carney, VC

art carney batman

The star of The Honeymooners played Archer, Gotham City's version of Robin Hood in the episode Shoot a Crooked Arrow.

3. Dick Clark, WC

Screen Shot 2016 12 30 at 10.42.59 AM

The former American Bandstand host tried to book Batman and Robin as a vocal act. "I thought perhaps you might be a singing duo -- you know, the outfits and all that," he said.

4. Van Williams and Bruce Lee, WC

Williams and Lee appeared in character as the Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato. They also fought alongside - and against - Batman and Robin in two episodes.

5. Sammy Davis Jr., WC

Screen Shot 2016 12 30 at 10.45.27 AM

The Rat Pack alumnus invited Batman and Robin inside to sit in on a recording session, but the crime fighters were too busy chasing The Clock King (Walter Slezak).

6. Ethel Merman, VC

ethel merman batman

The musical theatre legend played Lola Lasagne, a childhood friend of the Penguin who tries to hatch a horseracing scam in the episode A Horse of Another Color.

7. Werner Klemperer, WC

Screen Shot 2016 12 30 at 10.51.29 AM

Klemperer appeared in character as the Nazi officer Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes. "Be careful not to get picked up," Batman warned the colonel. "Chief O'Hara can be very tough with aliens incognito."

So does that make the Caped Crusader a Nazi sympathizer?

8. Milton Berle, VC

milton berle batman

The comedian known as Mr. Television played a botanical maniac who tried to take over Gotham City's flower and perfume markets in the episode Louie, the Lilac

9. Ted Cassidy, WC

Screen Shot 2016 12 30 at 10.58.44 AM

The star of The Addams Family TV show appeared in character as the butler Lurch. But he only groaned a few lines before going back to playing his harpsichord.

10. Liberace, VC

liberace batman

The piano prodigy played Chandell, a musical virtuoso who is blackmailed into a life of crime in the episode The Devil's Fingers.

11. Edward G. Robinson, WC

Screen Shot 2016 12 30 at 11.00.09 AM

The star of early gangster movies like Little Caesar (which isn't about pizza) showed up in one episode to pitch the idea of painting a portrait of Batman and Robin, but they couldn't agree on style.

"Pop art?" Robin suggested.

"No, I think canned tomato soup it to eat, not to frame and hang on a wall," Robinson said. Guess the show's writers didn't like Andy Warhol's Batman movie.

12. Zsa Zsa Gabor, VC

zsa zsa gabor batman

The Hungarian actor and socialite - who died earlier this month at the age of 99 - once played Minerva, the crooked cosmetician who used a special hairdryer to read the minds of her clients in the episode Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires.

13. Maurice Evans

maurice evans batman

The actor best known for playing Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes guested on 'Batman' as The Puzzler (a knockoff of The Riddler) in the episode The Puzzles Are Coming

14. Roddy McDowall

roddy mcdowall batman

Evans's Planet of the Apes co-star Roddy McDowall once played Bookworm, who tries to wreak literary larceny in the episode The Bookworm Turns.

15. The Rest

Want more? Check out the clips below, featuring every window cameo and the entire rogue's gallery from Adam West's 'Batman.'


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