Even More Household Hacks For The Cannabis Lover

You asked, we delivered. For those just catching up with this series, check out parts one and two. Otherwise, read on...

Use an old CD to prevent messes

Pity the poor CD. It's not as convenient as streaming, and it's not as cool as vinyl. But you can use it to load a bowl or a vaporizer oven without making a mess. Just put the hole in the centre of the CD over your device of choice, and you never need to worry about dropping ground cannabis again.

Losing your lighter? Magnetize it

Part of owning a lighter is losing it frequently - especially when you've just taken a huge bong hit. Instead of visiting your local bodega five times a week to get a new one, just put a small magnet on your bong and keep your lighter there.

Take a deep breath

Like everything else in life, a good sesh is made even better with a break for some fresh air. Take a big gulp of fresh oxygen after any pipe/bong/vape hit to keep your head clear and your lungs limber.

Air out your stash

That principle applies to your stash too. Open your stash jar every couple of days, and shake the buds around. Letting some air in prevents mold and it keeps your stash extra fresh.


Saying you work in cannabis is sure to raise some eyebrows. Some people might be curious, others might not take you seriously, and still others might ask how they can invest. These cannabis executives dish on the reactions they get when they say they work in the space, and how those reactions have evolved over the past 10 years.

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