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Update: Estonian City Officially Approves Using Marijuana Leaf as Regional Symbol

A few months ago we told you about citizens in an Estonian town that voted to use the marijuana leaf as their regional symbol. Well it turns out their government isn't wet blankets and will allow it to continue.

The Kanepi municipality was created by the Estonian government last July, and the new regional government decided to let the citizens vote on what to use as the symbol on their new flag. A silver cannabis leaf on a green shield won the vote, receiving 12,000 of the 15,000 votes cast. On Tuesday, the Kanepi Municipal Council decided on a nine to eight vote to approve the flag.

While it may seem like choosing the marijuana leaf as a symbol is equivalent to something like "Boaty McBoatface" winning an online poll to name a boat, cannabis actually has a history with the people of the region. Kanepi takes it's name for the Estonian word "kanep," which means marijuana. And the people have the region historically farmed hemp for a number of different uses.

While the council approved using the marijuana leaf on the new flag, they did reject the current design. The council will begin re-designing the flag to make it more stylized.

While selling marijuana is a crime in Estonia, possession and use of small quantities of cannabis are considered a misdemeanor and only punishable by a fine. But who knows, maybe Estonia will become the next big marijuana destination.

(h/t NPR)


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