Estonian Citizens Choose Marijuana Leaf as Their Flag

Whenever people put up a public vote to name something or design something, you know something silly is going to win. Just look at every Boaty McBoatface vote that's ever been made. But it appears the marijuana leaf is going to start winning some public polls as well.

After a government shake-up in Estonia last year, three different municipalities were merged into one called Kanepi. To help create some unity for the new municipality, officials asked the public to brainstorm and vote on the symbol that would appear on the Kanepi flag. The winner of the poll was a marijuana leaf. Take a look:

estonia flag marijuana leaf

Apparently this isn't totally ridiculous. "Kanep" is the Estonian word for "cannabis," so considering how close that word is with the name of the new city, it makes some sense for that to be the symbol. 

12,000 out of the 15,000 votes cast were for the marijuana-themed flag. Mayor Andrus Seeme said that he would respect the results of the vote.

Marijuana is illegal in Estonia, but a government official said that municipalities are free to use whatever symbol they want on their flags. 

Who knows, maybe this will be the first step towards a new legalized marijuana country in Europe?

(h/t BBC)


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