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Cool Beans: Extra Special Chocolate-Covered Espresso Treats

To hit your peak performance, optimal levels of tasty food, vitamins, water, and exercise are required. But let's face it: caffeine and THC are also pretty high on the list. A hit of espresso (and a little bit of cannabis) can also make the difference between a mediocre, drone-like day, and one where you're consistently knocking it out of the park.

Here's a delicious a way to cover both of those last two bases, plus satisfy your chocolate craving: KIVA Terra Bites. Hand-crafted with all-natural dark chocolate, micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans and cannabis extract, they've have earned rave reviews from edibles fans across legal states.

The folks over at the OC Weed Review describe them as an "uplifting, capable high" similar to "hitting a bowl through the work day. Any cannabis taste is overshadowed by the espresso flavor, a taste that is not for everyone, but delectably done here [...] Expect a curious, sensory stimulating experience."

The bites even snagged the coveted Best Edible award at the 2013 San Francisco Medical Cannabis Competition and Expo.

The caffeine in the beans might also have awesome, ancillary effects when it comes to your THC buzz. According to The Daily Mail, consuming cannabis while drinking coffee "intensifies the 'high'," since "inhaling marijuana after drinking increases the concentration of THC in the blood." So you might need less than you think to get the feeling you're craving.

With 5mg of THC per bite, Terra bites are a moderate, convenient dose - plus, the resealable container makes it (slightly) easier to ration out the 120mg of THC-containing treats in each tin. Although given the deliciousness of the dark chocolate coating, you may have to exercise serious willpower.

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