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'Trip Reports' Show Cannabis Top Choice Of Consumers Worldwide

The University of Amsterdam's Chemical Youth project has launched a beautiful new website visualizing tens of thousands of user-submitted "trip reports" on Erowid.

The non-profit drug education organization, founded in 1995, has long been a go-to resource for folks curious about legal and illegal psychoactive plants and chemicals. Erowid gathers drug-related scientific literature, op-eds, and essays - including one by Michael Pollan lyrically titled, Cannabis, Forgetting and the Botany of Desire. It also hosts a massive collection of more than 23,000 reviewed, and published so called "trip reports", which makes for an educational, and sometimes harrowing, read. Another 12,700 unpublished user-submitted accounts of drug experiences are awaiting review.

In a bid to make the insights in the sprawling database more accessible to the average consumer, the Chemical Youth Project mined the text from a total of 20,534 reports to extract words users connected with particular substances and "provide deeper insight into frequent experiences with this substance."

You'll notice cannabis at the centre of this word cloud. While the project tracks reports of all drug experiences, not just those involving cannabis, it seems cannabis remains the #1 drug of choice around the world.

To play around with the visualization tool and the data, click here.


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