Enlighten Your Office With A Desktop Museum

Need a little culture while you work? Consider this:

You're looking at a " Mini Museum," a collection of artifacts from the depths of the ocean, the edges of the solar system, the earth's prehistory, and more. The second edition includes authenticated fragments of an asteroid belt, a Stegosaurus plate, mammoth meat, medieval chain mail, the Golden Gate Bridge, an Olympic torch and more.

The concept was invented by Hans Fex, an ardent collector who wants to share his passion for collecting through Kickstarter.

For a guided tour of the second Mini Museum, check out this video:

h/t Mental Floss


'South Park' is well known for satirizing pretty much everything happening in current pop culture, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Last week, the popular adult cartoon released a satirical ad for their fictional cannabis brand, Tegridy Farms. The mock brand was originally introduced in a 'South Park' episode that aired last October on the same day that Canada moved to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide. The new Tegridy Farms ad takes shots at the current landscape of the cannabis industry by claiming that it's being run by "a bunch of young corporate banker types" who pretend to be interested in repairing the wrongs done by the War on Drugs, but they're really only interested in making "an easy buck for themselves." "Fuck those guys," says the video's narrator.

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