Eminem's Cautionary Tale Of Smoking Cannabis At Work

As recreational marijuana legalization gains momentum in North America, we as a society need to start discussing what social mores should apply to cannabis use -- including whether or not it's acceptable to have a puff at work. One person who isn't a fan of smoking on the job is rapper Eminem, who once had a bad experience with marijuana in the recording studio.

Last May, the rapper -- who turns 44 today -- opened up about working with an unprofessional sound engineer while working on his hit song 'Stan.'

"While we were recording the third verse of 'Stan,' he started rolling a joint and asked me if I minded if he smoked while we cut," Eminem wrote on genius.com. "What was I gonna do? Say no? He was already rolling it so I told him 'No problem.'"

He would regret that decision when the time came to edit the track.

"I had gotten all the way to the last 3 lines and I screwed up so all he had to do was punch in my vocals at the end so I could re-do that line and the verse was finished. So I’m in the booth waiting and he backs the tape up all the way to the beginning of the verse and punches me in. I realize he’s in the wrong spot and I can’t hear any of my vocals so I start waving my arms and yelling in the mic to try to get his attention. He doesn’t notice so I run into the control room through a cloud of smoke and yell 'Yo, I wanted to keep those vocals.'"

But it was too late. The vocals had been recorded over. The engineer didn't seem too concerned about it. 

"[H]e just looked at me and said 'My bad man…you wanna hit this?'"

But Eminem insists that we've all missed out because the lost take was the best.

"You should have heard the original take that shit was WAY better…oh well!"

Fans will just have to console themselves with the extended cut of the music video.

h/t Complex

Banner image: Eminem performs during The Concert for Valor in Washington, D.C. Nov. 11, 2014, Flickr.com / DoD News 


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