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Elton John Opens Up About The Song He Wished He'd Written

Sir Elton John has enough classic songs to fill more than a few Greatest Hits albums -- including Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer and many more. But there's one song that he wished he'd written.

During a recent instalment of his Beats 1 Radio show Rocket Hour, John opened up about his admiration for the late George Michael, who died on Christmas Day 2016.

"He was the kindest, most generous man, and did it without wanting any publicity," John said. "I've seen him being so kind to so many people. I'll miss him so much for his music but more than anything for his humanity."

And he also had a great sense of humor. Otherwise the two British singers probably wouldn't have become friends after their outlandish first meeting.

"I played at the last Wham! concert dressed as Ronald McDonald for some reason at Wembley Stadium," John recalled. "And I bought him a 3-wheeler car, with him and Andy, and I put their names on the front of it and put some fairy dice, it was a real clapped out thing. Bit like me at the moment."

He added that his admiration for Michael sometimes turned into envy. 

"I don't get jealous of many songs, but I'm jealous of this song ['One More Try']," John said. "I'd love to have written this."


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