Elon Musk Smoked Weed During Joe Rogan's Podcast

Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla, has been making a lot of headlines recently. Whether it be botched attempts to take Tesla private, or tearful New York Times interviews, the current moment doesn’t feel like a career high point for Musk.

He certainly did little to alleviate the company’s concern that he isn’t handling himself too well these days when, on a live stream of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast last night, the billionaire drank whisky, rambled on about an impending A.I. apocalypse, and, of course, smoked a joint.

He claimed that he isn’t a "regular smoker of weed," which he described as being like "a cup of coffee in reverse," although his now-infamous '420' tweet earlier last month suggests otherwise.

Amidst all of this, Musk also mentioned that he was working on yet another pet project with one of his other enterprises, The Boring Company. That project? A freaking flamethrower. The inspiration for this, he says, comes from Mel Brooks’ 1987 ‘Star Wars’ parody 'Spaceballs.'

"In 'Spaceballs,' Yogurt goes through the merchandising section, and they have a flamethrower," he explained. "'The kids love that one,' that’s the line, and it’s like -we should do a flamethrower."

You may ridicule, sure, but you probably don’t have $20 billion dollars in the bank. Besides, now he has a flamethrower, which is pretty cool.

While we’re happy to see a public figure of Musk’s stature use cannabis so openly, it’s hard to get behind his recent erratic behavior, and the fact that the media has been tying that so closely to his marijuana use, instead of, say, sleep deprivation, is pretty disappointing.

Watch the full stream below:


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