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Medical Marijuana Patient Fired From Tesla Says Elon Musk Smoking Weed 'Was Just A Slap In The Face'

A former Tesla employee who was fired for consuming cannabis is calling out Elon Musk for hypocrisy after the CEO openly smoked marijuana recently.

By now you've probably heard that tech guru Elon Musk smoked up during an appearance on 'The Joe Rogan Experience.' The surprise sesh has received backlash from the US Air Force, which could use it as grounds to terminate big government contracts involving Musk's aerospace company SpaceX. Meanwhile, Tesla stocks have continued to plunge. 

Now, to top it all off, one ex-Tesla employee is calling Musk's behavior outright hypocrisy.

"It was just like a slap in the face to me and my son," former Tesla employee Crystal Guardado told Bloomberg. Guardado - a single mother and medical marijuana patient - had worked at Tesla's Fremont, California factory for four months when she tested positive for THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana). That shouldn't have surprised her supervisor since she informed management about her medication, which she was taking as recommended by her doctor. And to maintain productivity, she abstained from using cannabis at work.

But that didn't stop the company from firing Guardado - a move that she feels was motivated less by her cannabis use and more by her advocacy for workers' rights. Guardado believes she was actually fired from Tesla because of her vocal support for the United Auto Workers Union (UAW).

"Elon Musk is just smoking it out in the open, knowing that he uses his very vague drug policy as a way to fire people that are a threat to him," she said.

The official line from Tesla is that Guardado had been fired solely for failing a drug test and the company has never reprimanded employees supporting UAW efforts. However, Musk himself has said the company does allow for small amounts of cannabis use.

"Our policy allows trace amounts of THC during work times, provided they are below the safety limit (much like a minimum alcohol level)," Musk told The Guardian after his pot smoking incident.

While Guardado may have exceeded that small limit in her off-hours because of her medication, Musk probably smashed that threshold during his meetup with Rogan. That doesn't necessarily validate Guardado's accusations of being dismissed for political reasons, but it does paint a clearer picture of Musk and his company as egregious hypocrites. 


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