Senator Elizabeth Warren Will Make You See The Rock In A Whole New Light

“I am exhausted. I am personally broken.” 

So says Samantha Bee on this week's episode of 'Full Frontal'. On days like this, when the President of the United States is viciously mocking TV hosts on Twitter, it's hard to blame her. Looking for some inspiration, she finds her way to the office of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass)

Sen. Warren gives Bee and the audience a much needed pep talk, telling them to "get in the fight and then...fight as hard as you can," and doing a bit with Bee where she talks democracy off the ledge.

Then near the end of the interview, Sen. Warren gets into her favorite TV show , and the answer might surprise you.

It's 'Ballers', Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's hit HBO show. She even mentioned it in her most recent book.

“It’s actually a story about hard work, it’s a story about perseverance,” Sen. Warren said. “It’s a story about having to reach within yourself and find something you’re not 100 percent sure is there.

That's...actually really beautiful. While you're queueing up the last season of 'Ballers', check out the interview below. And try not to smile when Samantha Bee brings in a 'Ballers'-related gift for the senator.

Warren/Johnson 2020, anyone?


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