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How to Have Cannabis Friendly Romantic Weekend

Love is in the air. Or wait…is that just Bubblegum Kush wafting around? Either way, if you’ve been thinking about a romantic weekend with your one-and-only, then we have some suggestions to elevate your experience.

Let’s start the weekend off right by finding a strain that helps ease tension, and puts you and your partner in a more relaxed state of mind.

Northern Lights – This is one of the more popular indica strains available, and with good reason. It’s known for its uplifting effects, while still helping ease the mind and body of stress and tension.

Trainwreck – This potent sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect after a long and stressful week. It contains properties that can help calm a headache, and let’s face it, no one wants to hear “I have a headache” on a romantic weekend.

Willy’s Wonder – Before turning your attention to your willy (sorry, we had to) give this strain a go. It packs a potent punch that’s sure to bring a sense of complete relaxation.

With your body and mind more relaxed, you can now focus on things you’ll need to help set a sensual mood. No, that doesn’t mean dimming the lights and putting on your “Slow Jamz” mixtape from college. What we’re talking about is creating an atmosphere that plays with the senses. Here are a few suggestions that work whether you’re spending the weekend at home, staying at a B&B in the countryside, or enjoying an Airbnb in the heart of the city.

Bath Bomb – Rub-a-dub-dub, let’s get stoned in the tub. With multiple scents to choose from, bath bombs are a delight for the nose. Plus, most bath bombs change the color of the water – with some making it appear like you’re soaking in the cosmos.

Candles –Rather than fooling around in the pitch black (which can still be fun), we suggest lighting some candles. The warm glow is ideal for relieving stress and anxiety, and they can help create a sense of calmness and serenity.

Massage Oil –Although you might not be an expert masseuse, a partner’s massage is always welcome. Choose from a range of different oils, from scented to unscented, or even some that have a warming effect. You can also find THC infused oils that help with inflammation and contain anti-oxidants. 

Chocolate – Our good friend chocolate targets many of the same neuroreceptors as cannabis. So not only is chocolate delicious, it can also help make you feel more relaxed and improve your overall mood.

Once you’ve set the mood there’s only one thing left to do…enjoy some cannabis. While the first strains we recommended helped ease tension, these next strains can potentially increase your libido.

Jillybean – This is a great strain for those that are a little more adventurous in their sex life. It provides an uplifting and euphoric mindset that can help get your creative sexual juices flowing.

Bubblegum Kush – Yes, that’s definitely what we were smelling. This indica-dominant strain provides a heady-high and increases your body’s responsiveness to touch. Which by now, you should be definitely doing a lot of with your partner.  




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