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Bye Bye, Baggie: 5 Elegant Storage Boxes For Your Stash

Just because we've "always done it this way" - or everyone else is doing a thing - doesn't mean it's the best method.

While plastic storage solutions for marijuana don't look too bad these days, in general, storing your marijuana in baggies is a rookie move: not only are ziplocs tacky, they're wasteful on several levels. For one, that plastic's eventually going to end up in a landfill, or in the ocean choking a turtle. Second, the static on the inside of the bag attracts trichomes, leaving them behind in the bag instead of in your vaporizer or bong, where they belong.

Plastic and tupperware containers look crummy. Mason jars break, and let in UV rays, which deteriorate your herb.

The solution? Buy a marijuana humidor. Yes: this is now a thing that exists in myriad incarnations. Invest, and never worry about crispy/mouldy/bacteria-laden bud again.

1. Apothecarry

Talk about a carry-all: Apothecarry includes four airtight strain jars, four silicone dab jars, a three-chamber grinder, stainless steel dab stick, and space to store pipes, vapes or oil pens - all in a combination-locked, odor-blocking case. Manufacturers say it will retail for $225, but it's available for a limited time for $180 via the Indiegogo campaign. With the tagline "Shouldn't everything in your life be top shelf?," Apothecarry's elegant design speaks for itself.

2. Skunk Box

American-made, travel-sized humidors that are specifically designed to increase the longevity and flavour of herb: hygrometer display on the deluxe model measures the moisture content and keeps your bud at an optimal freshness. The main selling point of the Skunk Box is its extreme portability: it comes in silicone, too, which is great if you're going camping or otherwise might be banging it around a bit. A variety of top plates, size containers, dishes and engravings allow you to alternate things according to your preferences.

3. 5-Strain Cannador

This one's for the fairly serious consumer, seeing as it can store up to two ounces of bud in its beautifully-crafted mahogany interior: sustainably-harvested cherry wood outer box keeps larger amounts of herbs separated and fresh with five glass cups: Two layers ensure there's no telltale odour, and the lock miter grooves make for an exceptionally tight-fitting lid.

4. Cannaseur

The Cannaseur looks like something a 19th century ship's captain would use, having been handmade in Germany with your choice of walnut or mahogany. A two-way humidifying system keeps a constant humidity of 60 percent. Comes in three different designs to fit your consumption: options include double or single glass jars and accessory box, and your choice of their locking or non-locking version.

5. Greenskeeper

Greenskeeper is the brainchild of Santa Cruz Bakeware: hence the high-end kitchen-gadget aesthetic. It's essentially a set of Russian-doll style, nestled bottles that each hold one to two grams (or more, if you get the larger more) inside a locking container. The lid blocks harmful UV light: anairtight seal suppresses odor. Take the base off, without disturbing the inner bottles, to put in either humidity packs or bead systems (sold separately on their site). When Greenskeeper starts its first shipments this year, your stash is guaranteed to stay #freshtodeath.


There are so many strains of marijuana available it can be nearly impossible to figure out which one is right for you. And sure, a knowledgeable budtender could point you in the right direction, but we think we've figured out a better method for choosing a marijuana strain. Take our quiz below to find out which cannabis strain is your true soulmate.

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