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New Study Says Over 90 Percent of Elderly People Claim Their Lives Improve with Marijuana

We often hear about how medical marijuana can help treat conditions such as epilepsy or other seizure conditions. But it's often overlooked as to how much cannabis can simply help improve a regular person's everyday life.

A new study from Israel found that over 90 percent of elderly people claim their lives improved with use of medical marijuana. The researchers examined over 2700 people over the age of 65 and asked them to describe how their lives changed after beginning to use cannabis. 93.7 said their conditions had improved and their lives were better. 

People with chronic pain and cancer were the most likely to say that marijuana helped improve their conditions. Respondents had a median pain level of eight out of 10 prior to using cannabis, but that number dropped to four out of 10 after using marijuana. They also said that the number of medications they used on an average day decreased significantly after using marijuana. 

While older people tend to be the most hostile towards marijuana legalization, they're also the fastest growing demographic of marijuana users, although that's particularly because so few of them are using it. But still, there seems to be a shift in both perception of marijuana as older people find out about more uses for it that could help improve their various maladies. 

Maybe we need to get this drug in the hands of some of these old dinosaur Republicans in Congress and we'll finally get someone to change our cannabis laws!

(h/t Salon)


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