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Check Out This Recipe For The World's Oldest Cocktail

Don't let the name old fashioned fool you. The bourbon-based drink of choice of Mad Men was invented in the mid-nineteenth century. That's pretty old compared to 90s concoctions like the appletini. But If you want something truly old fashioned, break out the rum and check out this recipe for the original cocktail, circa 1586.

But first, here's the backstory. Back in the Elizabethan Era, Sir Francis Drake made a name for himself as a privateer (i.e. licensed pirate), an explorer who became the second person to circumnavigate the world, and the bane of Spain. He also dabbled in bartending.

In 1586, Drake was stuck in Havana because his sailors were all sick. Looking for a quick remedy for whatever ailed them, Drake put together ingredients based on medical practices of the indigenous peoples and cured his men. The "cocktail" combined mint leaves, lime, bark from the chuchuhuasi tree, and sugar cane juice. Oh, and rum, which probably had something to do with lifting the crew's spirits.

If those ingredients sound familiar, it's because the drink (known as "El Draque") is basically the Elizabethan ancestor of the mojito. But here's how to make it fit for a pirate:

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