Denver Chefs Create Eight-Course Dinner Paired With Cannabis for Charity

When you think about foods associated with marijuana, you generally think of junk food like Doritos. But two major chefs will be assembling an incredible cannabis-paired dinner menu to benefit charity.

Denver chefs John Harry and Clay Inscoe are preparing an eight-course meal to benefit Parkinson's charities. The menu will feature tons of great and fresh dishes, such as kombu-citrus-cured scallop sashimi, pine ice cream, wild mushrooms, gingerbread and forest herbs. But diners will also have the choice to add THC to their meal to get a little extra buzz with their food.

The dinner will start off with more energetic terpenes, the compound in marijuana and other plants that gives it taste and aroma, and will move on to more mellow and relaxing terpenes at the end. The diners who have the THC in their meals will get a little extra bonus as scientists have shown terpenes when combined with CBD and THC lead to more heightened relaxation effects.

The two friends decided to team up for this event since both of their fathers have been diagnosed with Parkinson's. 

If you're interested, tickets are $150 (which isn't that bad considering it's for charity and it's also an eight course meal). You can find out more about the event right here.

(h/t Westword)


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