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Eeeeeatscon Is the Ultimate Destination for Munchies

What better way to experience Eeeeeatscon than getting high and roaming through a festival of munchies? That's exactly what comedian Mike Glazer did, tasting everything from Ramona's famous NYC pizza to Russ 'n Daughters' bagels and lox to LA's popular Night + Market Thai food, with snacks (and snacks, and more snacks) in between. With those like The Infatuation's co-founder Andrew Steinthal or Chris Sayegh a.k.a. the Herbal Chef in attendance, you won't want to miss the next Eeeeetscon happening next week in Los Angeles. Happening May 18 and 19th, Eeeeeatscon will feature Philippe's Original French Dip, Milk Bar ice cream, Homestate tacos, and more, along with speakers such as writer/director Dan Levy (Schitt's Creek), actress Awkwafina (Crazy Rich Asians), and Cameron Diaz. 


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