Making It Easier Than Ever To Turn Anything Into An Edible - Even Turkey Dinner

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in Washington state this weekend and Grandma’s gravy just doesn’t do it for you (or you’re already dreaming up ways to distract yourself from Uncle Steve’s inevitable chanting of “drain the swamp”) Prohibition Gold has got you covered.

Since launching in July, the Washington-based company has been making it easier than ever before to turn just about anything edible into – well, an edible.

The company’s signature product, Potshotz, is a single serving (10mg of THC) cannabis powder packet that dissolves when added to liquids. Its more recently released Topshotz does the same thing when sprinkled on your plate of spaghetti or in between patties on your double cheeseburger.

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The result, according to Prohibition Gold managing partner Greg Walters? Instant edibles – anytime, anywhere.

“There’s no other product on the market that really allows consumers to infuse anything they want… they now have the ability to turn anything into a marijuana edible in a matter of seconds, and in most cases without any [added] taste or interference,” Walters told Civilized.

“It kind of turns the entire edibles market upside down, pulling it away from products you have to consume but don’t necessarily enjoy, to… putting the consumer in the driver’s seat.”

Walters describes the products’ makeup as “an organic tapioca powder that we blanket with marijuana oil.” He added that the neutral-tasting concoction has zero flavour impact on “about 85 percent of anything you add it to.”

That means you can still enjoy Mom’s garlic mashed potatoes in all their glory, but with the added bonus of a pleasant buzz that might make Uncle Steve’s increasingly irate rants just a little more bearable.

Not to mention you won’t be drawing too much attention to yourself – not that you were at risk of that with Uncle Steve around – since the product’s unassuming format makes it ideal for discrete consumption, said Walters.

“I think it opens up a lot of doors you just don’t get with smoking. For one thing, you have the ability to use it just about anywhere you’d like and no one is going to be upset with it, whereas if you light up a joint somewhere, at least half the people there are going to be irritated,” said Walters.

“With this, you could use it absolutely anywhere and no one is going to know what you’re doing or care about what you’re doing. You don’t stand out, you don’t become a pariah… since it comes in a stick-pack similar to Starbucks instant coffee, so it’s something everyone’s familiar with.”

While Prohibition Gold products are only available in state-certified cannabis stores in Washington for the time being, Walters said the company has plans to expand into California “within the next 12 months.”

“The intent is to expand this out, not only nationally but eventually internationally,” said Walters. “On a regular basis we get emails from around the world asking if we can ship products, and unfortunately the answer is no, but it shows there’s great interest everywhere.”


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