Edibles Spark Existential Crisis And Penchant For 90’s Britpop In This Reddit User

We’ve all been there.

After getting super high on edibles yesterday, Reddit user lambchopz2004 promptly felt the need to broadcast that fact to the world in a post made to r/trees. Starting with the admirably click-baity title “THESE EDIBLES AIN’T SHIT…but they are,” the Redditor went on to describe his subsequent thoughts in real time.

The most salient points alluded to in the post include assertions of The Verve's greatness, questions about anatomy, and a quick legal debate tacked on at the end.

Is this sort of thing better suited for an Instagram livestream? Probably, but we much prefer this, which we’ll call a "livestream of consciousness."

Check out the post below:
r/trees - THESE EDIBLES AINT SHIT... but they are


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