Eddie Vedder Reveals Which Pearl Jam Album He Hated Making the Most

This month marks the 25th anniversary of Pearl Jam's sophomore album 'Vs.' But don't expect frontman Eddie Vedder to celebrate that milestone. The grunge icon says 'Vs.' is the Peal Jam album that he hated making the most.

Years after the recordings finished, Vedder told Rolling Stone that 'Vs.' was "the [album] I enjoyed making the least."

And that's not just a matter of hindsight skewing perceptions of the past. Vedder loathed the 'Vs.' sessions even while he and his Pearl Jam bandmates worked on tracks like 'Daughter' and 'Dissident.' 

“I fucking hate it here,” he said of The Site - the recording studio in Nicasio, California where the band worked on the highly anticipated followup to 'Ten.' 

“How do you make a rock record here?" he scoffed in reference to the secluded and luxurious studio setting that clashed with the songs Vedder was trying to write. "Maybe the old rockers, maybe they love this," he added. "Maybe they need the comfort and the relaxation. Maybe they need it to make dinner music.”

So to get into the right mental space to pen the gritty lyrics that defined the band, Vedder often drove to San Francisco and slept in his truck.

But his bandmates didn't seem to have trouble fitting in with the posh facility. Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard apparently enjoyed it so much, he "would show up in a robe and slippers to rock," according to 'Vs.' producer Brendan O'Brien.

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