Eddie Vedder Wrote This Pearl Jam Hit While Locked Out Of Band Practice

Nobody turns lemons into lemonade quite like Eddie Vedder, who wrote a hit song after his bandmates accidentally locked him out of a practice session. The incident happened back in 1991, when Pearl Jam was getting ready to record their iconic debut album 'Ten'.

"Someone asked me to put change in the parking meter for them," Vedder recalled in a 2009 interview with Seattle Sound. "I went and did that and then I came back and was locked out."

So he had to wait outside in the Seattle rain till someone noticed he was missing.

"It was drizzling and I wasn’t dressed for an outing in the rain," Vedder recollected. "[T]hey were playing this song [inside]. All I could hear was the bass coming through the wall, this window that was boarded up. So I wrote the song to the bass. I wasn’t even listening to hear the song at first. When I heard a break, I’d start pounding on the door...trying to get out of the rain. So as I was doing that, I thought, 'Fuck it, I might as well write something'."

That something turned out to be 'Oceans' - the fourth single from 'Ten'. Maybe they would've had as many hits as 'Thriller' if they'd only left Vedder in the parking lot a little longer.  


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