Ecstasy Achieves a 76 Percent Success Rate for Treating PTSD

A new clinical trial is showing one drug can produce surprisingly successful results in treating PTSD. And that drug also happens to be popular among music festival crowds.

A Phase 2 clinical trial out of Colorado shows that MDMA a.k.a. Ecstasy was effective in treating PTSD in about 76 percent of the study's participants. Those subjects were no longer showing signs or symptoms of PTSD 12 months after beginning treatment of MDMA.

This wasn't a case of people with short-term cases of PTSD either. The 28 participants in the study had been diagnosed with PTSD for an average of almost 30 years, and were unable to overcome their symptoms despite trying a range of medications, therapies and other treatment options.

The researchers behind this trial are hoping they can convince the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin allowing MDMA medications for people suffering from PTSD. However, there are still a few more hoops they need to jump through before that can happen. They now need to enter a Phase 3 clinical trial, which will include an expanded participant poll between 200 and 300 subjects. If the results from the Phase 3 trial are similar to the ones seen in the Phase 2 trial, it will be difficult for the FDA to simply ignore them.

The FDA does seem slightly open to previously controversial treatment methods than in the past. Earlier this year they approved a cannabis based medication for the first time ever.

(h/t New Atlas)


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