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Upcoming Solar Eclipse Causing Record Demands for Marijuana

Next month there will be a solar eclipse that some people are calling “The Great American Eclipse” because so large swaths of people across the United States will be able to see it. Since this is such a rare occurrence, many people are planning to trek around the country for the occasion. Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most popular destinations for viewing the eclipse is Oregon, and it all has to do with marijuana.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission estimates that one million people will visit Oregon to view the solar eclipse, and predicts that demand for marijuana will be at an all-time high. They’re also recommending that business begin stocking up on product so they don’t run out the day of the eclipse.

Several marijuana dispensaries are embracing the oncoming eclipse tourists. Oregon’s Finest created a new strain called “Moon Puppies” specifically for the occasion. And several shops are expecting double or possibly even triple their normal sales for the event. Oregon’s Finest is ordering 25 percent more product than normal and creating special packages that will include glasses to view the eclipse.

Some dispensary owners think this opportunity could be used to educate out-of-staters about the positive benefits of marijuana.

“I think events like this overcome that stigma because we get to talk to more people and provide that education that is really needed,” says Leigha Christensen from Oregon’s Finest.

So maybe if we have a couple more eclipses, we’ll finally be able to legalize marijuana nationally!


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