Skip The Sweets And Hop Over To The Dispensary For These Easter Strains

Are you hunting for some Easter treats for yourself this Sunday? If you're in a legal state, skip the candy store and stop by your local dispensary to see if they're stocking any of these festive strains.

1. Chocolate Fondue

Nothing says 'Easter' like chocolate. And the perfect cannabis treat for the occasion is the sativa-dominant Chocolate Fondue. This hybrid of Chocolope and Exodus Cheese works as an Easter or Passover strain. But its aroma of blue cheese might not be for everyone. If you're looking for something less pungent, check out these other chocolatey strains.

2. Heaven's Scent

The deep blue and dark purple hues of Heaven's Scent make these buds look almost like Easter eggs. This hybrid blends the relaxing effects of God's Gift with the invigorating buzz of Green Crack, leaving you relaxed but alert. Perfect for tidying up after the kids tear apart the house in search of chocolate.

3. Jesus, Jesus OG and Bio-Jesus

This trinity of strains named after the Christian messiah can boost your mood this weekend: the giggle-induing hybrid Jesus keeps spirits light; the euphoric sativa Jesus OG generate good vibes; and the soothing indica-dominant Bio-Jesus relieves the aches and pains of making Easter dinner.

4. Alice in Wonderland

Alright, he's not the Easter Bunny. But Lewis Carroll's white rabbit is definitely the most famous rabbit after the Trix mascot. The sativa-dominant strain named after him and the other Wonderland residents can help you deal with the madness of family get-togethers by reducing anxiety and calming nerves. Maybe it's what the caterpillar vegging on a mushroom put in his hookah.

h/t Leafly


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