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New Bill Would Make It Easier for Parents to Purchase Medical Cannabis for Their Children

Medical cannabis can often be a lifesaving treatment for children with serious conditions, such as epilepsy and other seizure disorders. And now a new bill in Colorado will make it easier for parents to access medical marijuana for their kids.

A new bill introduced in Colorado would allow children to have more than one medical marijuana caregiver. Under current law, children are only allowed one medical marijuana caregiver, meaning if a kid has two parents, only one can legally purchase medicinal cannabis for them. This new bill would allow both parents, or guardians, to purchase those products.

"This is a common-sense idea. The idea that one parent can give their kid medicine and the other can't is kind of ridiculous," said Colorado State Representative Matthew Gray, who introduced the bill.

Parents of children who use medical cannabis note that it's not a simple process to acquire the products that they need. They're required to receive marijuana recommendations from multiple doctors, and then they often need very specific cannabis products for their children. Many of these products are not readily available in dispensaries, and can only be found in a few, limited locations. This can become even more complicated if a child's medical condition requires frequent hospitalizations. So making it possible for both parents to purchase the medication seems like a simple no-brainer.

But of course, since this is a cannabis issue, we're sure there will be tons of people with ridiculous arguments about how both parents shouldn't be allowed to buy medical marijuana.

(h/t Westword)


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