What Each State Googled More Than Every Other One in 2017

Every state in America is weird in its own way. But how do we figure out which one is the weirdest? Google, of course!

The Daily Dot teamed up with Google to determine what was the one thing each state searched for more frequently than any other state. They then put the results into a map. There are definitely some weird answers. Take a look:

what each state googled more than others

Apparently people in Idaho are really interested in Doctor Who, for some reason. And it looks like the state of Oklahoma took Bill Paxton's death the hardest. And what the heck was going on in Michigan that so many people were searching for "Giant Penguin"?

The best, however, is Washington, which led the nation in searches for "Unicorn Frappucino." Way to go, Washington!

You can head over to the Daily Dot, who include a few other results for every state that nearly made the list as well. 

(h/t Daily Dot)


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