Everything You Need To Know About #DumpTrump

When NBC's venerable sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live is criticized, it's usually because people think it's not as funny as it was in the 70s.

This time, however, things are considerably more serious.

On Nov. 7, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to host SNL, but a growing number of people are calling on NBC to dump Trump. A moveon.org petition currently has 141,669 signatures and counting, spreading through Twitter attached to the hashtags #DumpTrump and #RacismIsntFunny.

In addition to Trump's derogatory public statements about Mexican immigrants (Google them if you must), the petition cites the hypocrisy of NBC tapping Trump to host a mere three months after severing ties with him.

Many celebrities have chimed in to support the movement:

Luis Gutierrez, the member of Congress (D - Illinois, 4th District), spoke against Trump's appearance in the House of Representatives:

Reactions from Trump supporters were depressingly predictable:

NBC has yet to comment on the furor, and opponents are planning to rally in New York City Nov. 4. For the time being, Trump is still set to host with musical guest Sia.

Jokes about hair are guaranteed.


h/t Los Angeles Times


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