Dubai Is (Once Again) Building The World's Largest Indoor Theme Park

The world’s largest indoor theme park wasn’t quite large enough, it seems.

Just months after completing the title-holding park, Worlds of Adventure, in Dubai, the company behind its conception has announced it will build another, bigger theme park - right next door.

The Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari (IMG) Group recently unveiled plans for the construction of Worlds of Legend, set to cover two million square feet.

While the new park will be a totally separate entity from its predecessor (which covers a measly 1.5 million square feet), officials say the two could be connected via skybridge and visited with a multi-day “hopper pass.”

Dubai Theme Park Outdoors View

The new park will feature characters from Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hot Wheels, among others.

Two sections of the park will showcase IMG’s own brands, including a Lost Valley dinosaur water park and Legends of Arabia attractions. IMG Worlds chief executive Lennard Otto told The National that these two would be the “first Middle Eastern-themed brand to come to any theme park in the world.”

The price tag on the new theme park has yet to be determined, but officials hope to have it open by 2020 in conjunction with the World Expo in Dubai.

Ironically, the new park won’t be the biggest in the world by the time it opens. The last phase of Dubai Parks & Resorts, which spans 25-million square feet and has been nearing completion over the last few months, is slated to open this week.

h/t Travel and Leisure

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