Forget About Weed Munchies, Drunk Munchies Are Actually Making You Fat

We all know that using marijuana can lead to the munchies, which may not be ideal for people trying to watch their figure. But it turns out that marijuana munchies aren't actually as big of a problem as a different sort of munchies.

Scientists believe that drunk eating, which they call the "drunchies," are leading to obesity problems on America's college campuses. Researchers found that heavy drinking led to people snacking on unhealthy foods like pizza before going to bed. 

Now, some of you may be saying, "Uh, yeah, duh. Everyone knows that." But this recent study is really the first time researchers have looked at the relationship between alcohol consumption and unhealthy eating. The researchers also said they believe the know why drinking leads to unhealthy eating.

“It is believed that after drinking alcohol, the amount of blood glucose in the body can rise and fall which stimulates the brain to feel hungry,” said Jessica Kruger, a clinical assistant professor of community health and health behavior at University at Buffalo.

The researchers emphasized how this behavior affects college students. A recent study found that around 65 percent of college students say they drink alcohol regularly. So that type of drinking will probably also lead to a lot of unhealthy eating. So researchers believe it's important that students to be fully aware of how drinking will affect their dietary actions.

So next time you go drinking, make sure to stock up on a lot of celery and maybe you won't get the drunchies!

(h/t Newsweek)


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